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Bali Cleaning Service

Bali Cleaning Service, provided the Professional Commercial Cleaning Service, the General & Home Cleaning, Hygiene & Sanitation, Cristalisasi of marble for the building, Mobile Cleaning, Pest Control, the hospital, Landscaping & Gardening, the office complex, the restaurant, the agency, the factory or the individual’s house.


This will include thorough cleaning/dusting of ceiling, walls, furnitures, cabinets, kitchen countertops, laundry area, window glass and frames, (interior portion),glass doors, tables, window blinds, comfort rooms/toilet cleaning and disinfecting. and floor waxing. etc.

We also provide cleaning services, for example: General cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Window cleaning, all Floor Polishing, Floor Restorations, Pressure wash cleaning, Sanitising, Hygiene services, Washroom supplies and much more.

Bali Cleaning Service, also provides a range of cleaning chemical products.?We have over ten years’ experience in commercial cleaning industry. We know exactly what kind of cleaning chemical products we need to do a good job. By using high quality chemical products we work more efficiently, it can save us time, labour and more importantly can satisfy our clients. We would like to share our experience with you by providing a number of excellent cleaning chemical products. All our products are delivered at no extra cost to your premises within 24 hours of ordering. All products can be ordered by phone, facsimile or online.

Our aim is to provide a service that out does the expectations of our customers. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and have built strong client relationships based on high quality service, communication and accountability.


Bali Cleaning Service






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