Gambling in Bali on Vacation

Can I gamble in Bali?

One of the many misgivings about life in Indonesia is that gambling is legal in Bali.   Many vacationers think of the beach and a casino in the same sentence.  Unfortunately, ambling is not legal in Bali and is of course outlawed in Indonesia as a whole.  It is against the religious beliefs in Indonesia to allow gambling and as a result it is not allowed.  You can of course risk it with backroom games, but we do not recommend it.

Can I bet on sports in Bali?

No, you cannot bet on sports in Bali given that it is illegal in Indonesia.  Much like it is in the United States, you will need to choose an overseas bookie or online sportsbook for action on any sports betting.  There are no sportsbooks located in Bali or in the country of Indonesia.  You will not be able to get trustworthy action unless you are doing so with a top sportsbook like Bovada or  These are the best two online books for US based customers who are travelling overseas in Bali given that they take US bettors and that’s where you will be cashing out.

Can I play poker in Bali?

Poker is illegal in Bali and Indonesia and is considered a form of gambling that is against heritage.  There are no state sanctioned Poker or Card rooms in the country and as a result all games must be sanctioned privately by travelers or residents.

You can play poker in Indonesia and Bali, but it has to be a side table game like the one you play at home in the United States.  We would not go looking for a game in town as it makes you a potential mark.  People know you’re carrying cash if you’re going to a poker game at a locals house.  That makes you a target.  We recommend having one of these games privately in your hotel room so that you run the path of least resistance here.  Hotel staff will not bug a private game much as life is here in the United States.

You could also play poker online.  Many online casinos offer poker., which we referenced earlier in the article, has a decent poker room.  You may need a VPN to log on while you’re overseas though.  Some of these countries have internet restrictions.  You can read a good Bovada review here.

Can I bet on horses in Bali?

No, you cannot bet on horses in Bali.  We recommend a top online sportsbook for your needs.

Can I bet in a Casino in Bali?

There are no casinos in Bali so unfortunately you are out of luck here.  Some online sportsbooks have casinos, but we don’t recommend playing casino games online unless you are playing at one of the bitcoin casinosCryptocurrency is one of the only ways to legitimize online casino games.  Blockchain has incredible technology.  That’s a different story for a different day.

The short of it is, no you cannot bet in Bali or in Indonesia.  You will have to use an online sportsbook to play while you are overseas on vacation, but the options are still there for you.

Are Sportsbooks legal in Bali?

Bali does not allow sportsbook gambling action and gambling in bali in general is illegal. You can find a list of illicit sportsbooks you can gamble with overseas here.  Use these at your own risk as the laws in Bali are very strict and seem almost ridiculous.

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