Top 5 Free Things to Do in Bali

There are lots of amazing things about Bali.  The hotels, beaches, drinks, and dinners are just a few of the things in Bali that can end up having charges.  A trip out here can really stack up, so make sure your finances are ready!  Not everything in Bali that is worth doing cost money.  There are plenty of things that are free for you to do in Bali as well.

Today we look at some of the natural amenities that Bali has to offer.  Given that the island is known for its beauty, there is no shortage of activities that you can participate in.  We just picked the top 5.  Here are some awesome free things for you to do on your vacation to Bali.

1) The Gateway to Heaven Monument at Mount Lempuyang

One of the coolest things about Bali is its religious heritage.  It has deeply impacted the architecture that is seen throughout the island.  Mount Lempuyang is thought to be one of the first temples of its kind on the Island of Bali and it was thought to be established as a place of worship for Hindus.

The gateway is located at the slope of Mount Lempuyang on the eastern side of Bali.  Really all it will cost you is the gas it will take to get you there.  There are a variety of travel options to get you to Mount Lempuyang.

Allegedly the temple is where the outside world has its access points.  The monument said to stand at the bridge between the outside world and the holy temple.  Sublime indeed.  A must see for any freeloader.

2) Let yourself rot at the beach

Some of Bali’s beaches are private and they’re obviously rad, but this is not the case for every beach on the island.  Given that Bali is surrounded by water on four sides, there’s a good amount of beach to go around.  The sun is delightful in Bali, so we highly suggest stripping down to what you feel comfortable in and falling asleep.  Live the beach life for at least a day or two when you’re here or else you will feel you’ve seriously missed something.

The sun pays you back.  If you do this right, you walk away with a tan.  Your partner may too.  Double score and all on the house.

We recommend the Amed, Kuta, and Bingin beaches.

3) Walk at Campuhan Ridge

Are you addicted to nature?  Did you leave some place like New York City or Los Angeles?  All you’ve known for decades are concrete jungles.  Now is your time to shine.  We highly suggest taking a saunter at Campuhan Ridge.

This place is amazing and lush.  Sure, it’s not the coastal views that are amply available in Bali, but this place is mind-blowing.  It’s almost as if Ireland sprouted up in the middle of Indonesia.  You will love going down the nature trail and feeling one with the creatures and sounds that are around us.  We forget them when all we live among is people and noise.  This is one of the better and most underrated things to do in Bali.

4) Check Out Water Blow at Nusa Dua

Did you know that there are a bunch of ways that water can break against the coastline?  You probably did.  Well Nusa Dua has one of the coolest breaks in all of Bali.  Here the waves from the Indian Ocean break violently against the rock cliff below.  To anyone ready to get wet, this produces a massive blow of water that shoots up and breaks over the ridge where bystanders can watch.

You are not allowed to swim in this water.  If you do, you’ll probably die.  Just don’t be that person who ruins the trip to Bali because he or she wanted to play Michael Phelps in the worst of places.  There are plenty of other places to swim you Olympian.  See option two.

5) Check Out the Taman Festival Bali Ghost Town

Bali has a really strange amusement park that is abandoned at Padanggalak Beach.  This is one of the only ghost towns in all of Bali and is fun to wander to if you want to check out what aged life looks like.

It really is unusual.  You get a feeling of desolation here which is why it comes in at #5.  While it’s cool to see abandoned restaurants and corroding main entrance, it’s also sad at the same time.  Something was destroyed here and left to decay.  It’s free, but it kind of leaves you ready for a paid beverage.

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